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Welcome to Poetry English

Poetry is a channel for therapy,
A dose of healthy reality.
Envisioned with magnanimity,
Just another rhetoric sublimity.

by Husna Hussin

We Are Here to Evoke

There are many forms of poetry and the elements and organization plus style of writing will evoke an emotion beautiful to the reader who appreciates such literary work.

We Are a Community of Passionate Poets and Writers



Poetry will last forever.  Even in this advanced era of smartphones and games.  This site is dedicated to writers & poets of all generation.


We are based in Singapore . The reach however is global.  We welcome readers and feedbacks.  Your contributions will make it  possible for us to excel.



Poetry English is a Compilation & Collection of Poetries.  If you wish to share your poetry email to us for submission .  We accept only original writings.



In our blog we will dealt with the different Poetic Genres and may provide examples.  If you wish to share your articles…

Drop Me a Line

This website is still under construction.  If you drop by and will like to contact us, you may send messages to English Poetry FB Page at